Moving Towards a Brighter Future

How it all began…

As a passionate and successful commercial business, we had spent over six years taking in work placements through a variety of local providers (Jobcentre, Probation, Ambition, Juniper, Work Charities, Nottingham College, etc.) as part of a non-profit sponsorship programme ran by our CEO.

On many occasions, when we arranged a new placement through these providers, they came to us overwhelmed and unprepared, and sadly it was a serious shock to the system for them to even walk through the door. That’s how we became not only service providers, but also mentors and confidence builders, guiding many of our placements through basic skills training.

While we didn’t mind taking on this role, it was our impression that this should be the provider’s role and not ours as a business – surely that’s what they have funding for?

Helping unemployed into employment needs a SHAKE UP because the providers that are available currently (at least in our area) are simply lacking; and as a result there is little impact for individuals moving into employment – at least at the level we want to see!

In 2015, we decided that what we were doing wasn’t enough to tackle the unemployment and employability skills shortage facing not only the local community but also the whole country.

We wished to take responsibility not only as a business, but as a separate Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to Getting People Back to Work.

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